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Chris Cheung


The feeling of trust gained through building relationships with people is very rewarding. I love it when clients can leave their worries/troubles at the door and instead focus on their health while sharing how they are doing or interesting stories from their lives. At Body Harmonics, there is passion and polish among the fitness professionals, clinicians and front desk staff. They make you feel welcome and that you are someone who matters. To me, Body Harmonics represents a commitment to establishing a healthy relationship between mind and body; a focus on the whole being rather than on the isolated parts.

Professional Credentials
– Doctor of Chiropractic

Academic Credentials
– B.Sc., Kinesiology and Health Science
– M.Sc., Kinesiology and Health Science

Additional Credentials
– Mulligan Mobilizations – Lower Quadrant Certified
– Functional Range Systems – Spine Certified
– Active Release Techniques – Spine II Certified
– Clinical Acupuncture Certification
– Certified Custom Orthotics Provider
– Certified Compression Hosiery Fitter

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