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Teaching with confidence

Do you ever feel  like you don’t know enough about movement and functional anatomy?

Do you worry about a lack of inspiration when you teach?

Do you want to attract more amazing clients but don’t know how?

Read below for answers to these questions and more from my “Up close and personal” teleconference call on Monday evening. There are some great exercises you can do to boost your confidence, inspiration and roster of amazing clients. Make sure to do them today!

People think knowledge is the key to confidence. Certainly, knowledge is important. It comes with time and study.

To build confidence, it’s more important to focus on how you want to feel.

Key points
Set your intention for each class

  • How do you want to feel at the start and end of each class?

Prepare ahead of time!

  • Spend 30-60 minutes each week

Set a theme for the week

  • Keep it simple! (For example: keeping people moving, adding breath, adding standing work, keeping people motivated)

Mentally prepare for class 5 minutes ahead of time

  • Don’t walk in cold!

Move with your clients

  • Endorphins help boost confidence!

1. What does confidence look like? Take 1 minute to write a list.

How would it look and feel to walk into a class with confidence? How would you walk? Talk? Interact with the class? List as many words as possible.

2. Circle your top 3 things you want to feel.

Add these key words to your phone, a cue card, your calendar — anywhere you will see them.

3. Review your key words before you teach any class or client session. Try this over 6 weeks.

Notice how the class or session has changed after 6 weeks.

4. Set your intention and themes for the week.

Schedule 30–60 minutes for planning before every teaching week. Add it to your calendar right now!

What do you want to give, share or experience with your participants this week?

Staying inspired as a teacher

I constantly reinvent what I’m doing by reading every day. I don’t necessarily read a lot, but enough to filter out a nugget I can use when I teach. I was even inspired by a radio program in the car!

Key points

Read every day

  • Blogs, newsfeeds, books—anything!

Avoid information overload

  • Keep it simple

Read for inspiration, not information

  • Look for something that inspires and excites you that you want to share

1. What makes you feel uninspired?

How can you turn it around?

2. What does inspiration look like for you?

Think of a time when you felt inspired or think of a time when a teacher inspired you. What did that look like? Feel like?

3. What is the main concept of today’s inspiration?

How can you use it to create an experience? (For example: My “Less is more” theme for Yoga Conference workshops, or focusing on one aspect of core when teaching.)

Attracting more clients

We attract our ideal clients. When we start teaching, we are often willing to work with anyone. But as we grow our business we naturally start thinking more about who we want as clients. When we think about ideal clients, it’s a good idea to think of more than one type so there’s variety. Too much of just one “ideal client” can be too intense!

Key points
You attract the kind of clients you want

  • It goes back to the intention we set: those are the people we draw to us

Work with private clients to build your client base

  • They’re a great source of more work and referrals

Wear rose coloured classes and hold the door open for people you find challenging to work with

  • If they come back, you’re doing something right!

Reach out to the people in front of you!

  • They are the best people to help you build on your success

1. Who is your ideal client in a class setting?

What makes them ideal? Think of several different people. Write down 20 traits for an ideal client.

2. Who is your ideal private client?

Again, think of several different people. Write down 20 traits for this client too.


What I’ve said about ideal clients comes back to what I mentioned at the beginning about confidence.

  • Confidence hinges on the intention you walk in with.
  • Look for inspiration, not information.
  • Start with the intention to inspire and you will draw the clients that you want.
  • Wear rose coloured glasses and hold the door open for that special client who may become your best client.

I want to hear from you!

Which of the above challenges are greatest for you? Feeling confident? Finding inspiration for your teaching? Having enough clients?

What will you commit to doing this week to help overcome these challenges?

Please post your answer in the comments section below.