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Building central support sfter Breast Cancer surgery: Part 2

Building central support sfter Breast Cancer surgery If you started re-building your physical strength after surgery by following the exercises in Part 1 of our three-part series, you should feel an increased range of motion and mobility. And hopefully a greater sense of ease and confidence in your body. This next series of exercises will…

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Re-Building Strength & Confidence After Breast Cancer Surgery: Part 1

If you’re reading this, chances are you know first-hand that recovering from surgery is not only a journey of physical rehabilitation but also of mental and emotional healing. Properly guided and planned post-surgery movement therapy—be it yoga, Pilates or dance—should not only help you regain physical strength and mobility but also help you to develop…

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Group Exercise Pilates

6 myths about Pilates?

Pilates myths Do you remember your first Pilates experience? I definitely remember mine!  A colleague and I decided to try a beginner mat class taught by an impeccably graceful and articulate former dancer. At the time, the words and movements–“let your body fall into the mat”, “feel your bones moving”, “move from your centre”–were foreign, frustrating, and…

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