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Hip Hip Hooray for Hip Abductors: Gluteus Medius anatomy, function and dysfunction

The hip abductors The hip abductors refer to the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles, which work together to help you swing your leg away from the midline of your body and support your hips while doing many functional movements in a weight bearing position such as walking, standing on one leg, squatting, and jumping.…

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The two best strategies to gain Pilates teaching experience when you have none

Strategies to gain Pilates teaching experience If you’ve just completed your Mat Work certification program and don’t feel ready to teach, don’t worry! This is completely normal. In your training, you learned the basic skills necessary to succeed. You’ve learned many exercises, you know how to cue and design a class. You’ve probably done a…

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Margot McKinnon Body Harmonics Pilates

Knock your clients socks off with Margot’s Intense Springboard Class Plan

Margot’s Intense Springboard Class Plan I’ve used these Pilates Springboard sequences many times before. Feel free to use as is or add your own flair. To learn more about the Pilates Springboard, check out Springboard 101. Standing Series 1 A. Squats Stand, facing springboard; use yellow springs with a triangular handle in each hand; place springs…

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