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Shoulder Complex rehab to full conditioning exercise sequence

This sequence of exercises provides many exercises options in each category. Mix and match as you like while sticking to the order of exercises in each of the categories (i.e. Thoracic Spine, Scapulae, Thoracic Spine and Scapulae).  Thoracic Spine Mobility exercises on mat or with balance cushion or ball under t-spine Thoracic rotation Thoracic hoola…

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Q & A: Imagery cues to build core awareness and hip dissassociation

QUESTION: from Katie, Pilates student in Australia I loved your blog post on imagery cues. I would like to know what cue’s you’d use for helping a client understand core awareness, disassociation of hips and lower extremities organization for both leg circles and side to side. Can you help? ANSWER: from Penny Kennedy, Body Harmonics Trained instructor…

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