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3 ways exercise can help heal faster with pilates

3 ways smart exercise can help heal an injury

Help heal an injury Gone are the days of lying immobilized on the couch, wasting away your summer waiting for that pesky sprained ankle to heal. The previously prescribed approach to healing injuries known as R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) has now widely been replaced by M.I.C.E (movement, ice, compression, elevation). Sounds simple enough, but…

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How to keep your pelvic floor healthy

Pelvic floor health Pelvic floor health is a hot topic. More and more physiotherapists and instructors are specializing in pelvic floor issues as research shows strong correlations between poor pelvic floor function and many health conditions and postural misalignments. Yes, pelvic floor function affects both men and women, and faulty mechanics can contribute to back…

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