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Three reasons to consider trying hypopressive breathing

About hypopressive breathing You’ve no doubt heard of Kegel exercises, deliberate contractions of the pelvic floor intended to tone the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs. But if you’re dealing with pelvic floor issues (or hoping to prevent them) and haven’t yet been introduced to the Abdominal Hypopressive Technique (AHT), you’ll want to…

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Pelvic floor: where to start? A guide for the confused and overwhelmed

Understanding the pelvic floor If you’re female, you’ve almost certainly heard of “Kegel” exercises—deliberate contractions and releases of the pelvic floor muscles designed to strengthen them, especially before or after childbirth. Ever since an American gynecologist named Arnold Kegel published findings on exercising the pelvic floor in 1948, Kegels have been widely touted as the…

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What does “arm bone in shoulder socket” mean, and why is it important?

What does “arm bone in socket” mean? Let’s admit it: Pilates and movement instructors are known for saying things that seem pretty cryptic to the uninitiated. This is particularly true in a group class setting, where instructors may not have the opportunity to fully elaborate on certain cues or expressions. The exhortation to “get arm…

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phasic muscles pilates and movement

What are tonic and phasic muscles (and why should I care)?

Understanding tonic and phasic muscles Tonic and phasic muscle theory originated in the late 1960s with Dr. Vladimir Janda, a Czech neurologist and physiotherapist.  Using electromyography (EMG), Dr. Janda found that some muscles are practically always active and seemingly resistant to fatigue, while others fatigue easily and are only active when deliberately called upon. Dr.…

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