Designing and delivering classes is a critical part of being a successful Pilates instructor. It’s important that what you teach makes a positive difference to your clients so they walk away feeling stronger and more mobile. This requires you to design a good class that makes sense and deliver it clearly. When you do, your confidence will skyrocket.

These past couple years, articles have been posted on Body Harmonics Shoptalk about class design, class cueing and even some sample class plans. Here are the ones you should check out to help you design and teach awesome classes.

Class design

Pilates class design tips and guidelines

Pilates class design principles you can’t live without

Step by step Pilates class design process

What to avoid with beginner mat classes 

6 ways to inspire your teaching

Cueing and delivery

The best Pilates cueing formula guaranteed to work every time

Introducing neutral pelvis in a beginner mat class 

Sample class plans

Posture and gait improvement

For runners

Reformer class plan

Springboard intense

Invigorating class plan for Arthritis

Mat class plan: beginner-intermediate

Advanced mat Pilates class plan with swivel discs


Pilates class themes: Don’t overlook this valuable practice

53 Class theme ideas just for you

I hope you find these references helpful.

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