Corrine has been a Body Harmonics Pilates & Movement teacher and teacher trainer for more than a decade. Her focus is on conditioning bodies to feel strong, energized and aligned. Corrine holds a Comprehensive Pilates diploma (qualified on all equipment) from Body Harmonics as well as a Post-Rehab Specialist diploma. She is the owner of Corrine Fuentes Pilates, in Pittstown, New Jersey, which is also one of Body Harmonics’ hand-picked Teacher Training Affiliate Centres.

Standup paddle boarding Pilates

Standup paddle boarding and Pilates—Yes, Pilates!

Standup paddle boarding and Pilates Athletes of many different sports practise Pilates & Movement with me in order to improve their performance. Golfers, tennis players, skiers, runners, swimmers, and baseball and volleyball players have found value and improvement in their given sports after a short time of cross training with Pilates. Pilates 101 An integrative…