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Build on your passion …

Can't get to the Studio? Move well anywhere!

Long, strong muscles
Strong core and abs
Improved strength and endurance

Strong, mobile and stable hips
Reduced joint and back pain
Better posture and alignment

Pelvic and shoulder girdle rebalancing
Elimination of stress and tension
Improved balance for fall prevention

Margot McKinnon Body Harmonics Pilates

“When you move well, you feel great. My job is to help you embrace the process so it becomes part of your everyday.

Margot McKinnon


I’m thrilled with the new knowledge I gained attending a Body Harmonics pilates workshop. I’ve used it with my private clients, active athletes and mixed group classes, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive: persistently tight hips have loosened up, and clients report an overall feeling of “feeling supported” in their movement. How awesome is that?!! Thank you Margot

- Katrina

Wow, I learned so much more about what you CAN do if you have osteoporosis!

- Barbara

I leave each pilates class feeling more positive, energized, even taller, with a renewed feeling of freedom that only mindful movement can instill.

- Linda

I would recommend the center to anyone as I doubt you will find a more readily accessible source of information in such a relaxed & caring environment no matter how far you travel.

- Edward

Cat’s unique approach to diagnosis and treatment is based on her multi-disciplinary skills. She brings knowledge of Pilates and yoga into her Physiotherapy treatments.

- Cheryl

I would recommend this pilates program to anyone, and I can't wait to take more Body Harmonics Teacher Training in the future!

- Alexandra

I thoroughly enjoyed Pilates Level 1: Mat Express. It was such a thoughtfully laid out program and Jennifer Horvath, our teacher trainer, was absolutely incredible. I'd recommend this program to anyone, and I can't wait to take more of Body Harmonics teacher training in the future!

- Alex

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