Integrate core and shoulders

I’d like you to join me for one of my sessions with my amazing client, Valerie Fish. Today, we worked through a lateral sequence on the Allegro 2 Reformer by Balanced Body.
I posted this so you could see how one type of movement (side bending and pushing) can build on itself and build the body at the same time. By watching different body segments in a sequential order you can help someone strengthen connections in the body in just moments.
This is a great sequence to integrate the core and shoulders. It also helps us improve our posture in a really fun way! As we go through the sequence, notice where my eyes are. Also notice where I place my hands so her shoulders and torso sync with each other for power and grace. Thank you Valerie…love our Thursdays at BODY HARMONICS Eglinton studio.

Step 1: Side bend – focus on serratus anterior and trapezius to rotate the scapula; do both sides and only move onto step 2 if scaps are moving around the ribs!


Step 2, 3, 4: Side bend with rotation- focus first on pelvis, then ribs and t-spine, then shoulders; do both sides and only move onto step 5 if torso is quiet and shoulders remain integrated to ribs (rather than lifting toward ears)


Step 5, 6: Side tricep press – in this exercise the lateral trunk flexors must be recruited to support the arm motion


Step 7: Side plank with side bend – when the core and shoulders are working well together this exercise feels challenging but fluid and no intervention is needed!


I’d love to hear from you!
What other exercises would you add to this sequence? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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