It’s been 9 years since I began my journey with Body Harmonics. Every day I’m so grateful I chose to complete my Pilates Teacher Training here.

I wish I could say that I did a ton of research before delving into Body Harmonics and embarking on my Pilates career, but I can’t. It was a quick decision where I followed my gut and never turned back.

When I think back to why, five compelling reasons come to mind.

It came highly recommended

When I was looking for a Pilates training program, I was seriously considering another company who had a more well-known reputation in my city. Before I made my final commitment, I spoke with another very reputable instructor who worked with me and had just opened up her own studio.

She’d recently been re-certified through Body Harmonics and said I should do my training there. She said the program was biomechanically based and the programming was accessible and effective with all classes and clients she’d worked with.

I was intrigued

The morning before my Anatomy for Motion workshop I decided to take a Power and Flow mat class. The class started standing, used yoga bricks and foam rollers as props, and was very different from the typical Pilates I was accustomed to. Many of the exercise variations and the way they were put together was so creative and seemed really smart. I figured there was so much more going on in the mind of the teacher and I wanted to know more. After that first class, I was hooked!

It felt good

I’d done Pilates for a few years before attending my first class at Body Harmonics and had kept it up because I’d heard rave reviews from many people. I didn’t seem to “get it” in my own body. It actually gave me tension and tightness but I thought that was just normal.

After my first class at Body Harmonics and the Anatomy in Motion workshop, my body felt strong, invigorated and tension-free. I loved the feeling of freedom in my body from the simple, yet challenging exercises I’d done. At that moment, I knew if I felt good doing them, I could help others feel good too.

There were no stupid questions

At some point, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “there are no stupid questions”. I’d heard it over and over throughout my educational career, but whenever I asked questions, I rarely got them answered. And I’d always felt like it was pointless asking questions, because when they were answered, I rarely understood what was being said!

In the first hour of my training at Body Harmonics, the Teacher Trainer said “there are no stupid questions”. It sounded nice, but I doubted it would actually be the case. By the end of the day, I was proven wrong. Many of the students, including me, asked questions and they were all addressed effectively and in a caring, compassionate way. This was my first time seeing this “no stupid questions” put into action and we all walked away feeling successful.

There was more support after my basic training

No matter how good a pilates teacher training program may be, you can’t master a skill like teaching Pilates in just a few weekends. What excited me was that there was equipment training and a ton of continuing education workshops available to boost my knowledge and expertise. Today, the continuing education is laid out in a logical way and can even add up to a Specialist Diploma.