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20th Anniversary Exposé

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20 Years Strong

To all of you who joined us for 20 Years Strong—a celebration of movement and health—thank you! Thanks especially to our committed and loyal clients, teachers-in-training and staff who make our Toronto Pilates & Movement Studios and Health Clinics so special. Body Harmonics truly is for everybody—whether you’re recovering from injury, coping with a neurological condition or training for your favourite athletic endeavour.

Every week we hear from people like you who feel empowered and even transformed as a result of their experience at Body Harmonics. Please take a moment to relive our 20th anniversary celebration and view Body Harmonics through the eyes of some of our clients.

Body Harmonics is for everyone!
Message excerpt from our Founder, Margot McKinnon

One of the things I started with (there were two, actually) but the first thing was really a feeling. I wanted to make sure that people who came to Body Harmonics, whether you worked here or were coming as a teacher-in-training, that you felt comfortable. That was number one. Feeling comfortable takes different forms; people have different needs. To this day, that has been a constant conversation point: How do we make this (feeling comfortable) work for the people that we serve? And how do I make this work for all the people that work at Body Harmonics? … And number two, the other side of it, was this idea that I got in my head that we need to feel like we’re growing … That whole idea of comfort and growing (and being curious) has created something that I’m so deeply proud of … Movement and exercise shouldn’t hurt; it should be challenging but you should feel really good after the fact—not like you’ve been hit by a truck …  So I’d like you to raise your glasses for our first 20 years! Cheers! And to the next part of our journey. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Read more

Margot McKinnon Founder of Body Harmoincs Pilates

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