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Teacher Training Tutorials


Whether you are unable to commit to scheduled dates or simply prefer learning at your own pace, Teacher Training Tutorials are for you! They can be arranged any time of the year, and the schedule is tailored to your needs.

Pilates teachers-in-training who miss an hour or more during their module must make up the missed hours in a tutorial. Regular tutorial fees apply. The missed hours should be completed prior to rejoining the group. 

In a tutorial, the same content is normally covered in about two-thirds of the regularly schedule time. Your tutorial may take less or more than the estimated two thirds depending on your progress. Your final cost will be adjusted accordingly.

We require a 50% deposit once the tutorial is booked. The remaining balance is due once it's completed. 

The tutorial cancellation timelines are minimum 24 hours for a 1-4 hour tutorial, minimum 48 hours for a 5 - 10 hour tutorial, and minimum one business week for an 11 and more hour tutorial. Otherwise, regular charges apply.

To book a Teacher Training Tutorial, contact our teacher advisor at 1.877.537.0714 ext. 63 or



1 person: $95 per hour
2 people: $80 per hour per person
3 people (maximum): $65 per hour per person
Tax: 13% HST




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