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Vertical Repertoire


Join us for a totally new way into the body’s core! Vertical Pilates is smart, functional and versatile. You can use this repertoire with almost every type of client, and the best part is vertical exercises get people up and off the mat. Dynamic and fresh, people love the standing work because they get to sweat! All of a sudden mat classes take on a whole different dimension.

Learning Objectives

  • Practise the complete Pilates vertical repertoire

  • Learn how demonstration is critical when teaching vertical exercises
  • Discover simple cueing techniques to help people support themselves in the upright position
  • Learn to create intensity and challenge in group classes by layering in the Pilates Vertical repertoire

CECs | Level

12 | Intermediate


Tuition: $480
Manuals: $120
Shipping fees (for affiliate locations): Current Canada Post rates
Tax: 13% HST


Fri, Mar 2–Sat, Mar 3, 2018 (Guelph): 1–7pm

Sat, Jul 7–Sun, Jul 8, 2018 (Gatineau) *Delivered in French: Sat (12–6pm), Sun (9am–3pm)

Sat, Nov 24–Sun, Nov 25, 2018 (Toronto): 1-7pm


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