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Simplifying the Shoulder Complex


The shoulder complex is exactly that - complex! In this foundational biomechanics workshop, we start with both visual and experiential reviews of the shoulder region to increase your skills of observation and assessment. You will learn to identify postural deviations, imbalances, and timing incongruities that are often the root of issues in the shoulder and neck area. We will practice simple exercises that help integrate the shoulder complex into torso for a better overall support and dynamic movement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review and expand your understanding of structural anatomy of the shoulder complex
  • Understand how the different parts of the shoulder complex function together
  • Learn an exercise conditioning sequence for the shoulder complex to build optimal mechanics

3-Part Biomechanics Series: Build a Strong and Supple Spine, Power and Balance for Hip and Knee, Simplifying the Shoulder Complex

In this 3-part series we dive into 3 major areas of the body that significantly impact the functioning of the entire body.  You learn how to observe movement mechanics in the spine, hip and knee, and shoulder complex so you can offer meaningful instruction on how to move better, deeper and stronger. We offer these workshops back to back (usually over 1.5 days) to help you immerse yourself quickly and learn simple strategy to get your clients moving with optimal function. 

CECs | Level

3 | Beginner


Tuition: $120
Tax: 13% HST


September 10 (Toronto): 1-4pm

October 1 (Vancouver): 9am–12pm


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