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Post Rehab Protocols: Spine


This workshop is part of a rehab protocol series for the spine, hip and knee, and shoulder complex. We take an in-depth look at the structure of the spine and all the muscles that segmentally support, control, and move the different spinal regions. We focus on functional movement in the spine, as well as the role and contribution of the local and global muscle systems throughout the body. We explore 12 features of imbalanced activity in the local and global systems, and what to do in a movement context to restore balance between the systems. We conclude by applying all this information to common spinal dysfunction and pain and posture patterns, and creating a plan of action to move towards optimal function and movement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a systematic and in-depth understanding of the spine
  • Learn both methodical and creative ways to approach movement impairments in the spine

  • Explore a variety of exercises that go beyond the Pilates repertoire, and push the envelope in terms of restoring optimal function and movement

CECs | Level

12 | Advanced


Tuition: $480
Materials: $40
Tax: 13% HST


May 12-13 (Toronto): 1-7pm


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