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Fascial Training for Balanced Strength


Fascia is the one uniting tissue of the body. It is basically everything that isn’t a cell. It connects every cell in the body and all cells to the mechanical environment. It also distributes force and provides support. As such, fascia is now being referred to as our organ of support. Tensegrity is the type of support it facilitates. In this workshop, we look at movement principles necessary to establish and maintain tensegrity specifically within a Pilates-based context.

Learning Objectives:

  • Take a tour of the fascial system in the body
  • Learn subtle ways to improve the elasticity and tensegrity of fascia
  • Learn how to incorporate these principles into client sessions

CECs | Level

4 | Intermediate


Tuition: $160
Tax: 13% HST


No scheduled course dates at this time.


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