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Balance Apparatus


Apparatus: stability ball, foam roller, swivel discs

Simple, portable and versatile, each of these unique apparatus adds challenge and depth to classes and one-on-one sessions. Learn to re-balance and create both deep and superficial support in the hips, shoulders and upper torso. Build exercise sequences from simple to complex and from relatively stable to extremely unstable. Equipped with both conceptual and kinesthetic understanding, you will leave this workshop ready to teach core stability and balance training in a way that engages the body from every plane and direction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to use balance apparatus for safe and effective outcomes
  • Learn exercises using a stability ball, foam roller and swivel discs
  • Experience the continuum that training with balance apparatus provides: improved balance, increased core control and optimal joint mobility

CECs | Level

6 | Beginner


Tuition: $240
Manuals: $95
Shipping (for affiliate locations): current Canada Post rates
Tax: 13% HST


September 10 (Guelph): 12-6pm


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